Visit us at Booth #1339 at IMAGE 2023, Houston

07 August 2023

We are returning to IMAGE Conference (Houston, 28 Aug-1 Sep) and eagerly looking forward to presenting you with new and exciting business opportunities in the geoscientific sector.

Our booth will host dedicated business zones and ‘Sip & Recharge’ presentations for Caribbean prospectivity, unique CCUS technologies and notable advancement in the emerging Natural Hydrogen industry. 

Find our booth #1339 on the live floorplan.

'Sip & Recharge' Daily Presentations

Stop by our booth for intriguing conversations and industry-leading insights on the following topics:

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1. CCUS Workflow

Peek into the signature CCUS workflow designed to identify and evaluate carbon storage prospects. This innovative process is primed for seamless implementation in strategic geological areas of interest worldwide and has proven its efficacy through the Gulf of Mexico CCUS Study. Developed in partnership with Earth Science Analytics

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Sofia Nemchenko

‘Carbon Storage’ with Sofia Nemchenko

Time: Tuesday, 29th August at 3:00-3:20 pm (Save to Calendar)

Location: Booth #1339

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Mike Powney, Geoscience Advisor

'Using Legacy Seismic and Machine Learning to Characterize CCS Sites' with Mike Powney

Time: Tuesday, 29th August at 12:50 pm (Save to calendar)

Location: Carbon Management Pavilion

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2. The Caribbean Advantage

Geoex MCG is working on a portfolio of unique frontier opportunities in the Caribbean. Speak with us to secure early participant rates for multi-client 2D and 3D cross-border geophysical surveys covering Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Barbados, Venezuela and Panama. 

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‘The Caribbean Advantage’ with Jeniffer Masi

Time: Wednesday, 30th August at 3:00-3:20 pm (Save to Calendar)

Location: Booth #1339

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3. Natural Hydrogen

Partners from H2Au will update us about the rapid progress in the natural hydrogen industry. Natural, also known as ‘gold’, hydrogen has the potential to become a major new source of unlimited carbon-free energy.

Learn how H2Au is pioneering the commercialization of natural hydrogen exploration and production, new milestones in the industry and how this could fundamentally shape the energy industry as we know it.

Mike Powney, Geoscience Advisor

‘Natural Hydrogen’ with Mike Powney

Time: Thursday, 1st September at 9:30-9:50 pm (Save to Calendar)

Location: Booth #1339

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4. OBN Timing and Positioning 

The IMAGE Technical Program will host a presentation authored by CTO Jeroen Hoogeveen (in partnership with Seisnode) showcasing a novel data-driven method to determine the time and position of Ocean Bottom Nodes, which opens a path to more widescale use of nodes going forward. The session will feature data from Geoex MCG's Quad 35 North Hybrid 3D Survey.

Jeroen Hoogeveen, CTO

‘OBN Timing and Positioning’ with Jeroen Hoogeveen

Time: Thursday, 1st September at 4:00 pm (Save to Calendar)

Location: ACQ 5: Ocean Bottom Nodes, Room 360A

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Meet The Team

Our onsite representatives will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in oil and gas exploration, carbon storage and natural hydrogen.

Robert Sorley, President Geoex MCG LLC    Pascal Lipsky, Managing Director    Jeroen Hoogeveen, CTO

   Mike Powney, Geoscience Advisor    Sofia Nemchenko