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Nigeria Marginal Fields Bid Round 2020

Bilview and Geoex are making available to the industry a set of affordable, workstation-ready well logs, correlative information (deviation, tops, reports, lithology, bio, chronostratigraphy, etc.), and on-demand log suites.

The 2019 Norwegian Sea Regional Deep Imaging (RDI19) data is ready

MCG & Geoex are pleased to announce the processing of the Regional Deep Imaging (RDI) data acquired throughout 2019 in the Norwegian sea has been completed and finalized.

New Plays Based on a ‘Deep-Basin’ Jurassic Petroleum System Offshore Atlantic Morocco

Three new play types based on a deep-basin Jurassic petroleum system offshore Atlantic Morocco have been identified, based on interpretation of new deepwater seismic data and information from DSDP boreholes.

Nicaragua Caribbean: Pilot 2D and reconditioned fast-track 3D data is ready

Geoex & MCG are pleased to present the multi-client 2D and 3D project in the prospective and underexplored area of the Nicaragua Caribbean margin. 2D PSTM reprocessed pilot data and 4,900 km2 of reconditioned fast-track 3D data are available. Complete PSTM & PSDM reprocessing will be available upon request. New 2D data acquisition will commence subject...

Maximus Survey: Opportunities in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

MCG and Geoex are pleased to present the enhanced Maximus project in the March issue of GEOExPro.

The Caribbean Atlantic Margin Deep Imaging (CAMDI) - GEOExPro fold-out

MCG and Geoex are pleased to present new geological insight from the CAMDI MC2D survey in the 2019 December issue of GEOExPro.


Maximus is a long offset deep record seismic survey covering the Campeche Salt Basin. The 23,612 km dataset provides high quality regional coverage. Gravity and Magnetic data is also available.